Nyetimber Bottling, Riddling and Disgorgement Dates

At Nyetimber, we provide a precise chronology of each bottle from the moment it was bottled, to the moment it was riddled, to the moment it was disgorged.

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Please note that wine information is currently available for the following vintages: Classic Cuvee 2007 (Magnum), 2009 (Magnum and Bottle), 2010 (Bottle) & NV/MV, Blanc de Blancs 2009 & 2010, Rosé NV/MV and Tillington Single Vineyard 2010 & 2013.


The process of bottling takes place over no more than a few weeks for each wine to maintain consistency. During this time, a yeast culture and sugar are added to our delicious still wine. After which, the wine will then commence its secondary fermentation, thus providing the bubbles in traditional method sparkling wine. Since the very beginning, Nyetimber has insisted on a minimum of 36 months on lees in our cellars before release in order to give depth and complexity to our award-winning sparkling wines. In our cellars, the temperature is kept between 12 – 13 degrees Celsius and our wines are zealously protected from light, noise and vibrations. We use dark amber glass for our bottles to prevent UV damage, and were the first producer of English sparkling wine to adopt this practice.


Riddling is an important step in the traditional method of producing sparkling wine. Prior to disgorging the yeast, the riddling process slowly turns the bottles from a horizontal to a vertical position while simultaneously rotating the bottle, causing the yeast to slide gently down the side and collect at the neck. At Nyetimber, we use sensitive, state-of-the-art gyropalletes to complete this process, ensuring absolute consistency in each individual bottle. When the riddling process is complete, the bottles are positioned vertically and are referred to as ‘on-point’ or ‘riddled’.


Our wines are disgorged by state-of-the-art machines to ensure accuracy and consistency. First, we remove the yeast collected at the neck of the bottle by a sophisticated process that freezes the yeast into a solid plug. The bottle is then uncapped, and the pressure in the bottle then ejects the ice plug, leaving a clear sparkling wine. A small amount of dosage liqueur containing sugar and reserve wine is added to complete the process. Finally, the cork is inserted and a wire hood is applied to close the bottle. At Nyetimber, we believe that substantial post-disgorgement ageing time is essential to the flavour and complexity of the wine, that contributes to each and every bottle of Nyetimber being truly exceptional.

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