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Tom Stevenson, one of the world’s most respected authorities on Champagne and Sparkling wine, recently wrote about Nyetimber twice in his The World of Fine Wine page. In his first piece, Tom writes of Nyetimber’s vast contribution to the English wine industry and describes his first encounter with Head Winemaker Cherie Spriggs.

“If not for Nyetimber, there would be no English sparkling wine industry today – only a few crude fizzy wines made from hybrid grapes and German crosses.”

“The first time I tasted with Spriggs, it had to be at my home in Gloucestershire. The lady packed all the wines pre-chilled into her car and drove three hours to taste with me. As we discussed each wine, I saw that Spriggs was a mighty determined and hugely impressive woman who does not suffer fools gladly. That tasting was meant to be a litmus test to see how the quality and typicity of Nyetimber had been affected by such an unprecedented expansion of source material. I confess I had doubts but after tasting from pure Nyetimber-Nyetimber, through the partial influence of new vineyards to full-blown expansion, I came away thinking the opposite: that although there had had been a meandering in the typicity of some wines, the quality of future releases is, if anything, superior to what has gone before; and some new typicity, such as Tillington, is beginning to emerge. Spriggs is clearly the most naturally talented winemaker to take the helm at Nyetimber.”

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