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1086 Rosé Prestige Cuvee



The first ever Prestige Cuvee rosé made in England, 1086 Rosé represents the pinnacle of our winemaking. Our 2010 vintage celebrates a pure expression of Pinot Noir red fruit, alongside floral and pastry notes (the result of many years of ageing on the lees).

1 x 750 ml 1086 Rosé Prestige Cuvee

  • Grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
  • Region: West Sussex
  • ABV: 12%



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1086 Rosé Prestige Cuvee
1086 Rosé Prestige Cuvee
Vintage 2010

Temperatures in the early part of the growing season were slightly lower than average, but that coincided with much drier weather as well. Flowering proceeded in excellent conditions in late June and early July with hot and dry weather producing a large, even crop. Despite some cool and wet periods in August, the advancement gained in the early part of the season enabled a slow, gradual ripening and produced fine, delicate flavours in the berries.