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4 November, 2014

A Few Words On Rosé

Rosé for Journal stick


Nyetimber’s Rosé is a relatively modern phenomena, it is entirely the product of Cherie Spriggs’s tenure and Eric Heerema’s ownership. Cherie has recently returned from her annual trip to Burgundy where she sources barrels to briefly rest the Pinot Noir that goes into creating our Rosé. It’s an idiosyncratic approach, but that’s what produces such an individual wine. Long believing that most sparkling Rosés on the market are a Rosé in colour only, Cherie has set out to create a wine that is resplendent with red fruit flavour. So as to not have her palate tricked by her eye, Cherie uses a black glass during the creation process. Next time you’re drinking our Rosé 2009, try it with your eyes closed. Those notes of strawberry, red cherry, and ripe cranberry are not the product of your imagination, they’re the product of Cherie’s.


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