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1 July, 2021

Nyetimber supports sustainability with Coexistence’s Tree Trunk herd

Nyetimber is delighted to support CoExistence the latest public art installation by Elephant Family & The Real Elephant Collective, raising awareness and funds to support wildlife protection and coexistence projects across the globe.

Trees for trunks: This is our CoExistence Story

We have named our collection of elephants the ‘Tree Trunk herd’. This is in honour of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, in recognition of elephants’ crucial use of tree bark as part of their digestive system and in line with our efforts to plant more Elm trees in the South Downs as part of the Trees for the Downs project.

Our Tree Trunk herd is part of a 100 strong collection of life-size sculptures, modelled on real wild elephants from the Nilgiri Hills in Southern India. They have been created deep in the jungles of Tamil Nadu, by the indigenous communities who live in close proximity to their real life counterparts. The material they are made from, lantana camara, is an invasive weed whose removal from protected areas benefits wildlife.

CoExistence marks a unique moment in time when a global reduction in human activity is having  a positive effect on wildlife around the world. Brought about by tragic circumstances, this ‘great pause’ – coined the ‘anthropause’ – is helping guide us on how to best share space with animals on our crowded planet. The elephants are here to tell their story about the inspiring ways we can coexist with all the other living beings that make our world magical – from tigers and orangutans to nightingales and elephants.

Protecting forests

Elephant Family powers Dr. Sanjay Gubbi’s Fuelling Change project has reduced firewood usage by 65% and saved 250 tonnes of trees from being chopped down annually. Alternative fuel sources have so far been supplied to over 2,000 families in an effort to save trees and help preserve forest homes for elephants and tigers in India’s Karnataka State. The world needs a thousand more Sanjay Gubbis.

Learn more about CoExistence or plan your journey to experience the installation in person here. Alternatively, help us plant more trees in the South Downs by purchasing a bottle of our limited edition South Down National Park Trust Classic Cuvee MV here.



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